Step 1: Schedule the Initial Diagnostic Assessments*

Contact our 'Assessment & Administration Centre' and mention that you are interested in enrolling in a Sylvan programme and would like to schedule an Initial Diagnostic Assessment for your child.

The Initial Diagnostic Assessments cover the three core disciplines; Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Each discipline can take between 45 and 90 minutes to complete. Because of this, we recommend that the assessments are completed on at least two separate dates to ensure that your child is well rested and alert for more accurate results.

*Initial Diagnostic Assessments are not required for those students interested in exam preparation. To start tuition at Sylvan, simply call the 'Assessment & Administration Centre' and mention that you would like to arrange for tuition in exam preparation programmes.

Step 2: Complete the Initial Diagnostic Assessments

The assessments are carried out at our 'Assessment & Administration Centre'.

Step 3: Schedule an Initial Conference

Once your child has completed all of the assessments you will be asked to schedule an Initial Conference to discuss the results, as well as your goals for your child's future educational development.

Step 4: Schedule Lessons

Through detailed assessment interpretation, an individualised learning programme is developed to cater to the student's specific learning needs. A weekly permanent schedule is then created to best suit your child's availability and the achievement of your goals discussed in the Initial Conference.

Step 5: Attend Lessons and Witness Results

Throughout your child's stay at Sylvan you will be kept informed of the progress. Educational reports and parent conferences are conducted periodically, while re-assessments are administered at the passing of attendance milestones. We believe that establishing and maintaining open lines of communication can help ensure that your child is receiving the most appropriate support to achieve their developmental goals.