Learning should be personal, and at Sylvan, it is. We adopt an innovative approach to teaching and have created an environment that is more conducive to learning and the retention of knowledge. Students are taught in a more personal manner, which not only delivers better results, but helps build confidence and inspire them to do great things!

Why Sylvan?

At Sylvan we educate in order to ensure that each student is better equipped for success, both within the classroom and in life. We aim to empower the student rather than have them become dependent upon a tutor. Individualised instruction, with three students sitting together, but being taught independently, enables us to monitor how a student learns, interacts with a teacher, and applies new knowledge.

Who Chooses Sylvan?

  • Students who are working above grade in school
  • Students who want to advance further
  • Students who have gaps in their knowledge
  • Students for whom English is an additional language
  • Students who have specific learning difficulties

Take the first step to inspiring your child to succeed: